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At K·SUCCESS we build your identity through Copywriting, we define your Marketing and Communication strategy to make your brand stand out amongst the rest. We focus on conscious, playful and revolutionary brands. We listen to you, evaluate and take action to give your business the medicine it needs. We love to rise to challenges and losing has never been an option.

Katia Sanz Bonet

Marketing Director & Founder

Katia Sanz Bonet Even though my passport might make you think otherwise, I do not just travel and write travel content. I am passionate about knowing new cultures, to marvel at the beauty of this incredible planet, to communicate and play this fun Marketing strategy game. I encourage you to challenge the market together. We will take the quality, creativity and responsibility, mix in a little "K, Success" and personality to your brand to come up with the perfect concoction.

Countries visited



Bachelor in Journalism (UAB) & Post-graduate study in Fashion Marketing and Communication(LCI)


Those which are spoken to me ... But I will be able to answer in: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan and a little bit of Italian


Travel, Yoga, Volleyball, Music (Electronic and Indie mostly. I only turn off the radio for reggaeton and its derivatives) and Festivals

Favorite food?

You'll find out if you invite me one day... Italian cuisine and of course the paella of my mother


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